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 Calling For Serenity

Calling For Serenity

Classically trained from an early age, Anne is well-versed in the power of music to generate beauty from the darker sides of human existence. She weaves tales of love, loss and longing with a soothing warmth, simultaneously uplifting, poignant and comforting.

With influences too broad to categorise, as a piano student growing up in the ‘90s it was piano-based sirens Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan to whom Anne most frequently turned for inspiration. Returning to songwriting after a long break, she started writing on guitar in 2009 and released her first studio album These Hours in 2015.  This was followed by two collaborative EPs, Out Along The Bend with American singer-songwriter Rob Anderson (2016), and Doesn't Take Much with chromatic harmonicist Stephen Nurse (2017). Anne's second full studio album Beacon was released in February 2018 alongside an acoustic collection called Half-light.

Emotionally honest and lyrically led, her writing style is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or James Taylor, and criss-crosses the acoustic-pop spectrum from folk to country and back again. Vocally more likely to get compared to Tracy Chapman, Sandy Denny, or Joan Armatrading, Anne’s tender and often haunting vocals are set off by a minimalist fingerpicking style that allows the emotion to take centre stage.

Anne is a rapidly emerging acoustic artist receiving airplay in Australia, Canada, the US and across Europe and has beed featured on shows including:

BBC Radio Kent Folk (Doug Welch) 
BBC Radio Shropshire (Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk) 

BBC Gloucestershire (Johnny Coppin)
BBC 6Music introducing (Tom Robinson)
BBC Radio Oxford (Nick Piercey) 
BBC Radio London Introducing (Gary Crowley) 
BBC Radio Scotland (Iain Anderson)
Pure FM / Roots & Fusion (Rick Stuart) - link to session

A World of Difference (Roger Williams for Blues & Roots Radio)
               - interview October 2017 

               - interview March 2018

Aside from her solo work, Anne has been part of several collaborative projects including SumnerAnderson and Calling For Serenity. As a seasoned session vocalist, she has written and recorded backing vocals/harmonies for projects in a range of genres, most recently for Wizz Jones and Pete Berryman on their album Come What May and for Chloe Ray's Reprise EP. Please use the contact form if you’d be interested in her input on your next project.

It's not easy to provide a reference point among Anne's fellow-songwriters - there may sometimes be hints of Joni Mitchell, but even that subliminal observation might be thought a little off-beam, even fanciful, in the context of Anne's personal brand of innate sensitivity and emotional authenticity. Vocally, her warm style may evoke shades of Joan Armatrading, but again that's not the whole story by any means.

- David Kidman, FATEA review of
These Hours

Her voice has a weight, a timbre, that draws the listener in and the lyrics are written with such heart tearing honesty that it is almost impossible not to be drawn in to the point of crying.

- Rick Stuart, Blues & Roots Radio blog review of Beacon launch gig

One of our best songwriters.
— Doug Welch, BBC Kent Folk

"Anywhere With You... might have come from the pen of Sandy Denny circa Old Fashioned Waltz"

  - FATEA review of Out       Along The Bend

It was one of those moments when Anne started singing, and Aaron and I just looked at each other, in sort of mute shock; this voice is such a thing.
— Rick Stuart, Roots and Fusion