© Anne Sumner 2014


When spring comes, with warmer days
We'll break through, find a way through
Out from under the snow that lay
All around us, all these cold months
The winters we lay asleep
Biding your time with me
I will be rooting for you

When doubt strikes, and runs you through
When you struggle, we all suffer
Your loved ones will comfort you
In your hard times, there's still sunshine
And when love comes for you
Remember the days we grew
And I will be rooting for you

You're special, you'll show us all
They can't tell you what's inside you
You've got your own life to live
Don't be afraid to find your own way
You're bigger than you think
And I've always known it
I will be rooting for you

No tempest can drag us down
We're thriving in this wind
It calls you to another place
And you need some of that freedom
I'll watch you fly away
I'll guard this ground each day
And I will be rooting for you