From the Distillers, 30 September



Yet again I'm in a debt of gratitude to Baz (check his page! so much amaze!) for awesome photographic capture of the joyful atmosphere on an excellent Acoustify night. 

Looking at this picture it really hit me how far I've come. I enjoyed that set so much, feel almost at ease playing live these days and really enjoy the whole experience. It'd be easy to forget the fear, the botched performances, and the near-uncontrollable nerves that have spattered the past 18 months but I'm well aware of how long a journey it's been. Someone said something that Wednesday that made me think, would I want it to be completely nerve-free and normal? Isn't that part of what makes it exciting? These days, I get nervous because I want every time I play every song to be heartfelt and unique. And that, really is just fun

My tagline on Instagram has always been this:  

I write songs and sing them.

It's such a simple thing that has felt so complicated all this time, but finally I can just do it without over-thinking it. I write songs, and sing them. That's all it is, and I love it.