BAR Willesden Green - 28 May 2015

Back at the end of May I had the chance to play a pop-up gig at the BAR Gallery in Willesden Green organised by St. Judd who had provided a "stage" complete with fairy lights, stool, and foot log - all a great acoustic night really needs ;) I played alongside Michael Soakell and Tom Blackwell - please check their links, you'll be glad you did! 

I had never been to the gallery (or Willesden Green for that matter) - it's a great space and a hive of activity supporting all kinds of creatives. When we were there they were between exhibitions so the walls were completely bare and that gave it a great, responsive sound - which meant I got the chance to change up the set list I'd been planning (given that I knew we'd be unamplified) for some more sensitive material. It was a beautiful sunny evening and such a great experience play live right up close with this who came to listen. 

Set-list in the end was: 

  • Solid Ground
  • Little Lost Souls
  • These Hours
  • River
  • Just a Story
  • Anywhere With You

- all available to preview here

I've put some photos below and there's a whole gallery by Beatrice McGuire to see on Facebook too.