Gig next Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hey everyone! Just logged in to find with horror that I haven't posted anything yet this year - that can't be right can it?! You know how it is, you sit down to write an update and get halfway through and something happens that changes what you were going to update in the first place and... well I've been chasing my tail a bit. 

The good news is I have been busy doing more singing than ever before! I have new solo material coming through and am also delighted to let you in on what I've been working on as part of a duo with the amazing Rob Anderson (check out the Wayne Drury Project for more of his work). We've been having a great time collaborating and have our first proper gig coming up next Tuesday at the Library on Upper Street in Islington (click the photo for event details along with the event blurb that follows) - can't wait to share this with everyone. 

Great night of live music featuring some of London best acoustic acts. Hosted by Rob Thom. Free Entry!

Anne Sumner and Rob Anderson
Two regulars on the open mic circuit have come together for what promises to be a long-lasting partnership, resulting in the unlikely but surprisingly successful merging of acoustic folk-pop and Americana hayseed. Anne has a catalogue of original poignant and heartwarming songs (as well as a highly regarded CD) and Rob brings genuine cowboy mystique with his collection of originals and little-known covers. This gig is the first official outing for the duo and signals many more.

Marcus Corbett
‘Marcus is certainly one-of-a-kind and almost transports you to a time and place that never existed, but should have.’
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Julia Robinson
Julia’s tender songs of hope and desire silence rooms and quietly draw you in. Americana-infused songwriting fused with a keen insight into the human condition, her songs grab you attention from the first line and don’t let go.