Going Live, snotty colds and other events

Been an interesting couple of weeks here! A nasty cold in the middle slowed me down (and stopped me singing)(which made me very grumpy!) but I was just enough better to sing at Hoodoo's on Tuesday - live streamed on Facebook for the first time - and at The Brook on Thursday, which was a smashing night packed with great local talent as always. Good to catch up with folks and put a few more names to faces. 

The Sumner+Anderson project is still going from strength to strength; after a wave of inaugural gigs, we've started to record some of our songs - including some of Rob's yet-to-be-released material, and new versions of Anywhere With You and Solid Ground. I can't wait to share these songs as it feels like we're on to something really special.

A couple of other projects I sang on are in the process of making their way out into the world, including the forthcoming release of the Calling For Serenity Endless Numbers EP. Rob and I will be playing at the launch event on 21 May - watch this space for more details. 

There's been a little bit of songwriting going on around the edges, and a whole lot of rehearsing, designing and planning. Too many projects to keep everything going equally at once, but the main thing I wanted for this year was to be singing, gigging and recording more than ever before, and that's certainly happening. So all's well!

Couple of pictures from our gig at Ruskin House (Croydon Folk and Blues Club) on the 3rd: