Swim Any Sea on the FATEA Showcase Session Download "Mirror"

Back in the Autumn last year I was offered the fantastic opportunity of a spot on the FATEA showcase sessions - a downloadable album of songs from a wide selection of current artists, which runs for three months (in this case to the 31 January, so get to the link and get your free copy before it runs out!) 

The current session is called Mirror and is available for download here: 

It's packed full of great tracks on here from a real range of styles - I find myself going back to this over and over as the variety is fascinating and the quality of the musicianship is great, it's been a real inspiration to me. Personal favourites were Ruth Theodore's Buffalo, Bel Blue's Wild Dog Rose and Fara's version of The Games People Play. Also in great company with Ange Hardy and Lukas Drinkwater who have just won FATEA's award for Band/Duo of the year 2016, and Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage - I saw them supporting Sarah Jarosz at the Union Chapel late last year and my favourite song of the set, Lady Margaret, is on the Mirror Download. 

To mark the download I've made a lyric video for Tide Will Turn which is now up on YouTube: