Doesn't Take Much


The EP I've made with Stephen Nurse - Doesn't Take Much - is ready for release and will be available digitally on the 21st July (getting my hands on some CD copies TODAY!) 

There are 6 songs on the EP and they're live-in-the-studio tracks we recorded at The Fold Studios in Forest Hill, with Vicky Keohane playing Bodhran for us on some of the tracks. 

Here's the track list: 

1.  Doesn’t Take Much  (5:10) 
2. Wish You Were  (5:32)
3. Wish These Years Away  (5:47) 
4. Water is Wide  (5:16)
5. From You  (7:39) 
6. Solid Ground  (6:06)

Since we've dramatically failed to produce anything under 5 minutes we've also released a radio edit of the title track Doesn't Take Much which is on Soundcloud and also downloadable here

We already released Wish You Were as a taster on Soundcloud - this song and Solid Ground are re-makes from These Hours and the other three are new songs, plus a version of Water Is Wide which a lot of people will (hopefully!) recognise.

The title of the EP has a lot to do with how the process of making these songs went - it was very easy! When I first met Stephen just under a year ago (we still talk about that night a lot!) I was blown away by his versatility and his ability to jump in and improvise sympathetically on almost any style - and though his background is more jazz/funk/blues we just ended up naturally playing together and this is the result. We also hit it off in a major way, so these new songs (and the older ones I guess, as they take on new meaning) are mementoes of the journey we've made. I particularly remember Doesn't Take Much as a song starting out as a noodle in a hotel room on one of our first weekends away. All records tell a story but this one is, as far as I'm concerned, so clearly rooted in our first year of being together and how our lives have changed. 

Anyway I hope you all enjoy it, and I'll probably be back to say some more about the individual songs as we go on.