"It's a bit Rapunzel, isn't it?" - an interview with Roger Williams

I've had the very great pleasure of being interviewed again by the ever-eloquent Roger Williams, for A World of Difference on Blues & Roots Radio. Roger always asks the best questions and in the course of this interview it dawned on me that the water tower up at Park Hill (which appears on the artwork on the Beacon CD tray) has probably subconsciously influenced at least half the lyrics of Fire on the Mountain - "and all they say here in his tower of stone..." etc. This came as quite a revelation to me but makes perfect sense now I think about it! Someone asked me recently how I can write the songs I do living in the centre of town and there are two answers to this - one is that I have a top floor flat that has very high windows that only look out onto rooftops, clouds, and birds flying through the sky; the other is the amount of time I spend in this particular park!

Anyway here is the complete show on Mixcloud - Roger very kindly managed to pick up all my favourite songs from both albums on this one and it was a delight to talk to him as ever: