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Current gig listing

I'm in the middle of a really delightful string of gigs - had a lovely night at the Ightham Club on Saturday for the Lamplight Sessions and also at the Running Well Acoustic Music Club in Wickford the Friday before - both incredibly welcoming and attentive crowds for a newcomer like me. The weather has made things interesting and it's become a little routine now of me rocking up back in Croydon at 1am slightly relieved to have made it unscathed! But in reality the journeys home are always quicker - coming back over the Dartford Bridge after the Wickford night brought back memories of childhood trips to see my cousins. 

The night at Revelation Ashford opening for Knight and Spiers was definitely a career-to-date highlight - there are some photos below (those of me are by Mark Flanagan) and some more on the Revelation Tumblr page here

I've got a couple of really great gigs coming up this week: 
- on Wednesday (21st March) I'm at the Lamb Folk Club in Eastbourne on a double billing with the wonderful Rowan Godel - I have been looking forward to this for SO long that I can't believe it's only a couple of days away!

- on Sunday (25th March) I'm going to be at Ruskin House in Croydon for the Folk & Blues Club along with some of the band from the launch night - I absolutely love playing here and always have done, it's as close to home as gigs come and I expect several old friends will be floor-spotting so this should be a fanstastic night. 

If you can make it to either of these it would be great to see you!