Road trips and inspiration

It's not really "news" to say that I haven't been here as much lately! Been making the most of the weather and taking a bit of time out in between gigs to get out and about exploring, on road trips, on long walks, taking some time away in the peace and isolation offered by our wonderful countryside. 

People ask me whether I do much songwriting when I'm away and the answer is mostly... not really! - but I do always have my guitar with me. Sometimes being away from home gives me more of a chance just sit down and try new things or finish up old things; sometimes I just get caught up in the driving and the walking and the miles covered and whatever might be around the next corner or behind the next bump in the road. In a wider sense, though, I'm inspired by the beauty and endless growth in nature, and everything I see seeps down to inspire me - you never know what might resurface in a song at a much later date. 

So that, plus dealing with some life stuff, and being a year older, is what I've been doing really. The gigs are still rolling in and I have a new list of dates to collate and share shortly. 

In the meantime I wanted to share a few of my favourite vistas from the Lake District where I got extremely lucky with the weather last month!