Video flurry

We're having a video editing day here at ASM HQ (heavily interspersed with coffee and naps!) - I've got a new lyric video in progress and have managed to get hold of some close-up footage from the Croydon Folk & Blues Club gig a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the very patient Colin who videoed practically the whole set on his phone! It's great to have the atmosphere with the band captured, lots of giggles and everyone looking relaxed at Ruskin. If you can make it there tomorrow night you can catch the Dave King Band - Dave King was at Ruskin the first time I ever went there and I've never forgotten his song People My Age. Also there that night was the wonderful Christine Halpin and someone I've still yet to identify who gave a most beautiful rendition of Richard Thompson's Beeswing, a song which has never left my heart as a result. 

Anyway I digress. In summary, we hopefully have live band videos coming down the pipeline of about half of Beacon, not to mention Go Out Of Tune's Half-Light special that gets released next Friday. In the meantime here a couple of oldies from a wonderful gig two years ago in Wandle Park  (not the one with the Beacon tower but another great and much-loved central Croydon park!) - the first live version of Swim Any Sea and the time Renegades got invaded by a helicopter and then a tram. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I love New Year, it's such a brilliant chance to take stock and look at the year ahead as a blank slate, and prepare for new adventures! 2015 took me on a journey I could never have anticipated and I would like to thank you all for being involved - it's been such a great experience and I can't wait to see what happens next; I'll be aiming to keep the music coming, the last tracks from 2015 are below. I hope you all have a great time seeing in the New Year tonight and I hope that 2016 has happiness in store for everyone xxx