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These Hours
Anne Sumner
...this live-in-the-studio album, with each track recorded in a single take, is a remarkably assured piece of work as both a set of persuasive individual songs and a genuine and directly felt artistic statement...

...The pleading tenderness of Anywhere With You is one of Anne’s most immediately appealing creations, and forms a good entry point into her world, its light and supple guitar patterns perfectly complementing and supporting Anne’s voice with its heart-rending combination of expressive confidence and tremulous vulnerability...

...There’s no question that These Hours is a fine achievement, but nevertheless it’s one that may make you wait for awhile to reveal its full quality; you really do need to pick the moment, then savour it.
— David Kidman for FATEA Magazine
These Hours is a remarkable achievement – a live studio album; every track recorded in a single take and comprising solely of guitar and vocal. With no studio trickery, this collection of songs is testament to rehearsing your material and the benefit live performance can have on preparing you for studio recording. The lyrics fit with the recording methods, giving the record a genuine feeling of exposure and insight.
— Rob Knowles, Audio 287
We have some attractive and pure folk singing here from Croydon. Acoustic guitar and rich voice presenting original songs still works with the folks that have the talent to do it and the guts to lay it out for the public. Anne Sumner has a classic style that will work for traditionalists and modernists alike. She balances the strength of her voice with a sensitivity, not unlike Sandy Denny. The guitar is light, but there are some nice substantial patterns that are more than the simple chords. Even without any different arrangements, I found myself carefully listening to all fifteen songs. That is the mark of a strong folk album.
— David Hintz,