Croydon Folk and Blues Festival *tomorrow* from midday

So excited to be playing at the 25th Folk and Blues festival tomorrow! 

Ruskin House is one of my favourite Croydon hangouts and they are raising money for restorations to keep this much-loved place in a functioning state. 

Rough schedule has me on sometime in the evening between 9:30 and 10pm but there is a whole LOAD of fun to be had before then! More details below: 

12                     Geoff, Garry, Jim & George

12.35                Luke Davey

1.10                  George Lloyd

1.45                  Scottish pipers – Schiehallion Pipers

2.20                  Champion Hillbillies – Matt Black & friends

3.05                  Dougie Field

3.40                  Denny Terrell

4.15                  Slavyanya Russian Children’s Choir

4.55                  Herbie Scones

5.30                  Dave Marshall

6.05                  Grant Perry & Friends martial arts display

6.30                  Famous Last Words - Dietrich & Dave

7.05                  Atacama – Cameron, Marco & Friends

7.40                  Dave Foster

8.05                  Alex Ostapiuk

8.40                  Peter Baldwin & Jim Smith

9.15                  Roger Fullilove

9.45                  Anne Sumner

10.15                Reuben Augustine

10.35                Anne Demidowicz & the jam