Recent gigs etc.

I've been having a really brilliant summer out and about gigging and don't often make it back here to wrap-up what's been going on, but thought I would this week! I've been lucky enough to have gigs every weekend since the Calling For Serenity EP launch back in May, thanks to a bunch of local venues and festivals asking me back after last summer, some SumnerAnderson gigs in the mix and just being a bit more in the loop on events springing up around Croydon. Generally I'll try and cram as many open mics/singers' nights as possible in during the week and that's how I get to keep up with friends :D I meet so many wonderful people out and about gigging and the friendships that develop and the conversations that happen are the biggest blessing of all. 

Got a few photos from this week - these are from the Apple Tree in Clerkenwell, which has an open mic on a Wednesday night hosted by the ever-wonderful Romeo Crow, the King William IV on Friday with another very talented host, Gian Luca, and then a really lovely afternoon at the opening of the Mitcham Community Orchard (I've been reliably informed that the collective noun for ukeleles is a "Plink". Yep. A Plink of Ukeleles! There you have it...) followed by the weekly Folk and Blues night at Ruskin House on Sunday. The video at the bottom is from the King William IV night.