Some Kind of Comfort

So good news! The new single Some Kind of Comfort is out and available through all the usual channels - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. You can listen to the final edit on SoundCloud below, and there's also a video! The lyrics are here

It's my first time releasing a single and I was lucky in that everything came together really quickly on this one, it only took a month from writing the song through recording it to getting it released. Admittedly I have been pushing it and playing it a lot as right from the start this has had special sentimental value to me and it also speaks to what I want to do with my music in general - bring comfort, since it seems there's not enough of that in the world and we could all use a little more. I'm not about to solve the world's problems but if writing a song can put a little bit of peace or love into someone's day, then that seems a good thing to put out there, and the more good things there are, the less room we'll all have for negativity. Right?!

A side note about where I'm at with releases and albums at the moment: I have a vague idea about trying to put a song out every month or so, that seems to fit better with where I am in terms of available time and resources right now. When I was recording These Hours I had a fairly coherent idea of what I wanted to do with the album as a whole and was determined to record in single takes as that was representative of what I was doing live at the time - the songs all kind of held together that way and that was pretty much all I did for a couple of months, rehearse and record and gig a bit in between. Fast forward 18 months and I am working on quite a variety of material, also collaborating a lot and looking forward to getting some different productions done of some of the songs. I'm not convinced about how it would hold together as an album at this point, even if I had the time to dedicate to just doing that - but I do have a backlog of songs, with new material coming through all the time, so working on them incrementally seems to make sense. I'm going to see where it takes me for now...

Hope you enjoy this song and we're starting work on the next one on Thursday... watch this space!