Resting Place live video, BBC Gloucestershire, and gig on Friday

There's a new video of Resting Place here - this is from the Ruskin House gig in March, with Daniel Fitzgibbon on drums and Aidan Keohane on Mandolin. This is a neat (short!) little song that I love to play live, I remember first hearing those drums in the studio and how the song just came to life (though there's a version on both Beacon and Half-light so you can have it either way). It's also my "angry" song, take that as you will!

I'm very grateful to Johnny Coppin for including it on his acoustic show for BBC Radio Gloucestershire from a couple of weekends ago - it's available on the iPlayer here if you'd like to hear the show in full. 

Also a reminder that I am playing at the inaugural She Shows event at the Leyden Gallery (Spitalfields) on Friday night there is music from 8pm, info here and tickets here. Thanks to everyone who made it to the beautiful (and warm!) night at Blackheath Halls last Friday! I have been playing a couple of friends' open mics this week so rushing around a bit but hope to be back with some more videos and updates over the weekend!